Welcome to the land where my Spice Girl dreams are maximized and actualized every day!

Electronic Dance Music has been in my life from an early age. Something about that heartbeat kick-drum calms my nervous system and I’ve always associated it with being in my most peaceful, grateful, focused, and open state.

Music festivals & rave culture have brought infinite inspiration into my life. The opportunity to express who I am or how I feel through festival fashion is something I truly cherish. Over the last few years, I started to notice so many outfits looking like the next. The Virgo sun/Leo rising in me could not stand to blend in any longer. 

Before attending Beyond Wonderland 2021 for my 25th birthday I was inspired to pull out my sewing machine and create a couple of outfits to wear. This is where the CLOUD999 journey truly began! I realized quickly I wasn't the only one who wanted to see something fun and fresh.

Designing dream outfits for this loving community is something that sets my soul on fire. I love growing strengths in different aesthetics, collaborating with my creative festival sisters, and getting super personal with all the little details! 

There is nothing I love more than to create an outfit that makes you feel like your most authentic self. 

I am ecstatic to witness the growth and evolution of my shop alongside festival fashion and the EDM community.

- Miranda & CLOUD999